Fashion has always been bold and experimental. Just taking a glance back at the industry’s history and you realise that the fashion world is always looking for new and creative ways to push the boundary on the wearable. With the ever- increasing emergence of technology, brand new innovative textiles and materials are created ever so rapidly to emphasise the fusion between fashion and technology, engineering and wardrobe.

The inventive brand ‘The Unseen’, based in the United Kingdom, has exemplified this marriage between science, engineering and fashion. It’s founders, Alchemist and Royal College of Art graduate Lauren Bowker, uses chemistry paired with design to give fashion a more practical use. They’re main aim , according to their website: “is to develop simple visual solutions applicable to everyday complicated and invisible problems, visualising data by using the primal use of colour change.”

Fashion Tech The Unseen

What this means (in English!) is that “The Unseen” have engineered a textile that can change it’s colour in response to it’s surroundings. If the temperature rose, in your surroundings or you yourself rose in body temperature, then the fabric changes colour, if there is a sudden gust of wind the material spasms into a multi- coloured show and the material can even go as far as changing colour (from black to yellow) when it detects a higher concentration of pollution in the air. As the name suggests, the aim of this textile is to see the unseen!

The co- founder and mastermind behind this idea, Lauren Bowker stated in an interview with “Wired” in 2015: “I wanted to create something with more meaning. I wanted to know how to produce material that could speak for you. A material that could give you an early warning sign if you get ill, to give you an indication of how your spine and muscles are working.”

The Unseen’s next project currently underway is designing a head piece that can detect brain activity and change colour according to your mood. Now that’s pretty cool!

Fashion Tech The Unseen

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