We’re back with another For the Love of Custom, where we share our love of all things customised and personalised! Since Exodus Wear is a company that specialises in creating custom outerwear, it’s no surprise that we also want to shine a light on the growing mass-customisation trend. We’ll be featuring different companies that are at the cutting edge of customisation.




EONIQ is a brand new brand of customisable mechanical watches! One of the first of its kind, EONIQ was started by a group of watchmakers who set out to make a line of ‘timeless but affordable’ watches. EONIQ watches are handcrafted and feature Japanese skeleton movement. Because of the customizability of EONIQ watches, customers are able to create pieces that are not only unique but high quality and absolutely stunning. Quinn Lai is the company’s founder and director and is based in Hong Kong!

Let’s customise!

To start off with, EONIQ has two choices of body when it comes to their watches: Pinot Blanc and Navigator. The Navigator is the flagship design and is 100m water resistant and comes with sapphire crystals. The Pinot Blanc is the most popular of the two and makes a perfect everyday or dress watch, depending on how you customise it!

We started off with choosing the Pinot Blanc style as it’s the most popular. We wanted to see what all the fuss is about! When you start off with the base you then have the option to choose the case of the watch. In theme with our obsession, we went with the Rose Gold colour. You can see that there are a variety of options available for the casing, as well as widths.



Here you can see that there are a variety of ways to customise your watch with EONIQ. A feature of the Pinot Blanc (probably a part of what makes it so popular) is the fact that a lot of the designs allow you to see the machinery inside the watch. You can choose whether you want gold or silver for your timepiece; we chose silver.


EONIQ also has a very impressive range of strap options. This includes both leather and non-leather straps- perfect for different price ranges as well as vegans. There’s guaranteed a strap that will suit almost any style as there are a variety of different coloured leathers as well as well as metal finishes.




Now we can get onto the fun part- customising the face! There are a variety of different ways that you can control the way that the face ends up looking. With a variety of different bases that feature different cut-outs, there’s a lot of room for creativity. You can choose the patterns that are on the inner and outer of the face. Our face has thick lines on the outer with a circular design on the inner and some simple stroke for  the main time increments. We were inspired by the moon shape of the cut-out.


Something else that’s awesome about the Pinot Blanc design is the ability to laser engrave the face of the watch. This makes for the perfect gift and allows that extra level of customisation. We love that you’re able to also change the font, size and orientation of this. This makes it easier to get creative with placement.




EONIQ is one of the first of its kind and is definitely leading the customised timepiece business. After getting funded through IndieGoGo, EONIQ has since been able to launch and help its customers to create their very own watches. What we love about customisation is the ability to let people create things that are truly ‘theirs’ and completely unique- EONIQ has captured this perfectly.


Like EONIQ, Exodus Wear strives to be a world-leader in the customised jacket business. We have a variety of different styles and ways to customise all our jackets, leggings and more. Our latest addition is our black satin bomber jacket, which you’re able to custom embroider anything you want! You can check out this piece here.

We look forward to helping you to create jackets that are unique and fully customised!