Exodus Wear is known for our custom made jackets and our clients understand that we will do everything we can to make sure our jackets are customized to what you want.

Currently we have been given a customized jacket to work on but with something very unique we have not done before, Dance Avenue have asked us to create an active jacket with zippers on the sleeves, so the jacket can become a vest for the students.

Dancing competitions are mostly conducted in halls, and are usually very cold in the morning and can get very hot in the afternoon and with most dance schools wanting the students to cover their costumes, this jacket is a great way to cover the uniforms, yet will also keep them cool in the afternoon with being able to un-zip the sleeves and take them off.

Exodus Wear thinks this idea is a fantastic way for the jacket to be unique to the dance school and also great for the students to be able to wear the jacket all year round. We cannot wait to get started on this design and will be posting photos and a video to show the zippers on the sleeves.

If you would like a jacket to be fully customized to your school, please do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 8188 7988 or emailenquiries@exoduswear.com.au