‘If your out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold. All you have to do is call my name and I’ll be there on the next train…’ No I do not have that song tattooed into my brain because I have been binge watching Gilmore Girls… yeah ok I have… luckily it helped me come up with a bunch of Gilmore Girls nickname ideas!

Ok so I am as guilty as the next person for jumping onto the Gilmore Girl’s bandwagon – I started watching Gilmore Girls – Year in the Life on Netflix you see, and I didn’t really get it so thought I would watch from the beginning. Little did I know that it was 7 seasons long! I’m not through it all yet, but I do have this love/hate relationship with the show. I like it – it’s funny in some scenes, but mostly I get annoyed at how stupid everyone is (kinda like you so when you watch a soap opera) and no matter how much I yell at the screen they still don’t get it! Why don’t they get it?! To release some of my frustrations please enjoy these nickname ideas complete with snippy commentary.

Favourite Characters:

  • GilmoreGirl
  • GilmoreBoy
  • Lorelai Gilmore
  • <3 Snow
  • Coffeeee!
  • <3 Coffee!
  • Rory Gilmore
  • Paris Gellar – ‘Styrofoam for brains, but they know their stuff’ – I love her
  • Michel Gerard – sarcasm King
  • Sookie Saint James – I had no idea Melissa McCarthy was in this show, love her!
  • Jackson – Sookie’s husband, loves vegetables
  • Gypsy – the mechanic
  • Babette – neighbour, super tiny, likes cats
  • Miss Patty – dance teacher, super funny
  • Taylor – Head of town council, super annoying
  • Kirk – loads of jobs, super dorky but funny
  • Lulu – Kirk’s girlfriend, she’s not imaginary

Lorelai’s boys:

  • TeamLuke – how it took her 4 seasons to figure it out is beyond me
  • TeamChris – he’s pretty, but stupid
  • TeamMax – Max Medina, yeah no never liked him
  • TeamDigger/Jason – Jason Styles, that idiot who wound up suing her Dad, seriously did she fall on her head? He was so urgh

Rory’s boys:

  • #TeamDean
  • #TeamJess
  • #TeamLogan
  • #TeamWookie
  • #Team – that random boyfriend she had at the beginning that everyone kept forgetting about who might be the baby’s father – omg it had better be Logan’s! I’m sure it’s Logan’s it must be – there’s this theory on the net that Logan is Rory’s Chris and Jess is her Luke – so by that theory I am correct
  • There was also Marty who liked her, and umm the laundry room guy, I love Finn – #tokenaussie :P
  • #TeamTristan – heck even Chad Michael Murray was on this show! Who wasn’t on this show?! Must be like the American version of Neighbours I suppose.

Yeah ok I feel a bit better now – I hear there is another season coming – must find out who father of the baby is! While we wait why not hop online and order your year 12 jersey today!

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