At Exodus Wear our market is continually growing with more and more people wanting custom garments. In particular we have seen a big increase in the number of dance schools contacting us about custom jackets. Dance costumes are generally so creative and flamboyant but a majority of the time that does not follow through into dance uniforms and tracksuits. If anything a lot of dance tracksuits can be quite boring. With Exodus you can forget about boring tracksuits and design a completely unique and exciting garment for your dance school. These jackets are perfect for Eisteddfods, Dance Competitions, Tours as well.

We recently had a photo shoot where we took photos of some of the jackets we have already done for dance schools, some creative designs we have done for high schools that would work great for dance schools as well as some new concepts we have come up with. Below is a selection of behind the scenes photos as well as a behind the scenes video.


We will be releasing a catalogue in the next couple of weeks that you can request to have mailed to you. In the meantime if you are a dance school and would like to speak to us about creating a design for you please contact us on (02) 8188 7988 or Our sizing range goes from 6XS to 6XL and covers even the youngest dancers.