Let’s face it. 99.9999% of us say hi to our phones atleast 5 times a day. Whether to check facebook, play a game, call someone or send a text. Or even just to check the time. Hence obviously when our beloved precious phones get hurt in someway, our hearts would skip a beat. (Or 2 maybe). But sometimes, despite utmost care, clumsiness can take over. This can result in dropping the phone…Or worse. Dropping the phone in water! What do you do in the latter instance besides panic? Here is a couple of tips on how to save your phone if you drop it in water.

Take your phone apart

The first thing you do once you rescue your phone is dry its external body with a paper towel. Once that’s done, take your phone apart. This means that you have to remove the SD card, SIM card and battery. For iPhones, you only have to remove the Sim card and this applies to some of the new Samsung phones aswell.

Put the phone in a bowl of uncooked rice

Pretty sure you have heard this a 102 times before. But that’s because it does help bring your phone back to life. This is because the rice sucks out any of the remaining moisture in the phone body, ensuring that it completely dries out. You can also use the packets of dessicants that comes with your noodles and other packaged items.

put the phone back together again

Put the battery back, charge the phone and turn it on. See if it works. If it doesn’t, remove the battery, hook the phone onto its charger and turn it on. If this works, that means your battery is damaged and need a new one.

DO NOT use a microwave. hair dryer or any other device to “speed up” the drying process. You’ll only end u-p hurting your best friend more.

All I can say is, try as much as possible to avoid using the phone when near water bodies to avoid all this heart ache and hassle. Phones are expensive these days so its not as easy as buying anew pair of shoes if something happens to them. If you have any other tips on how to save your phone when dropped in water, please do https://www.exoduswear.com.au. Until next time, Peace out!