We always have this perspective that we must at least have a degree in order to be a success person in the future. But that’s not always the case! There are still people who still can be successful even if they drop out from their high school. Just like Peter Szabo.

His family faced financial trouble when he was 11 and he needed to make his own money. Of course, success doesn’t come overnight. It takes time. He started off by making just pennies a day as an affiliate for online courses. Over time, he turned pennies into $10,504. He then realised his talent in social media marketing and this shifted his focus. He developed a full-fledged digital marketing agency that drives return on investment (ROI). This in turn make him into one of the sought – after Facebook ads expert.

So, what makes his marketing strategies different from the others and allow his agency to grow?

1.      Radical sales pitch

When Peter Szabo pitches to his clients, he starts off by knowing their stories, for instance, how did they get to where they are today? Then, he explains how his story of becoming an entrepreneur related with the clients. This in turn brings up a win-win situation.

2.      A guarantee results

In Peter Szabo’s website, the first sentence that you would see is “Your ROI is Guaranteed.” This is what sets him and his pitch apart. Even though he knows that it can be quite difficult to deliver the results to the clients, he still willing to hold his work accountable with his results.

3.      Success stories as a proof

Peter Szabo dedicates a whole page of his website to the success stories of his past clients. These stories is then taken for case studies, actual screenshots of messages from customers as well as video testimonials. This really portray a strong image of the agency’s potential.


don't despair


Do not be too despair if you are not good in your academic. Every one of us have different talents, so keep finding it and I am sure one day you will be as successful as Peter Szabo! Good luck~