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High School Reunion Ideas – Exodus Wear

Do you miss your high school friend? High school reunions are the best time to catch up with one another and reminisce about the old days. Want to have a memorable school reunion? Then, you should start off with some fun activities that will revive old memories and help everyone to create brand-new ones!

1.    Ice Breaker

Ice breaker


Everyone have not seen each other for decades. Why not have an ice breaker session that will relax the tension and the awkwardness that may be being felt in the room. Here are some ice breaker ideas for you:

  • Straight-Faced Liar – Each participant have to write down 2 truths 1 lie on a piece of paper. Then, each person will guess which statement are truths and which is the lie on another person’s sticker. The objective of this game is to get everyone talking to one another and conversing rather quickly as they explain the reason for the statements they chose.
  • Jeopardy – Split everyone into groups. Have a series of 35 to 40 different game show type questions in 7 to 8 categories. The questions should reflect on topics based on events and people in the class year for the reunion.

    2.    Karaoke Singing

karaoke singing


Have a karaoke singing session featuring music from graduation year. I am sure this will lift up everyone’s mood and get them enjoy the party! Prizes can be awarded for best, worst and most entertaining karaoke performances.

3.    Now & Then

now and then


Have a matching game by showing the baby photos of each attendees. After that, get everyone to guess which attendees are represented in the photos. You may also create a slideshow featuring the photos from back then and current photos.

4.    Interview

video interview


Prepare a video camera and pass it around so that everyone get the chance to record the reunion from their point of view. Ask a classmate to interview each other and make it available online after the reunion.

5.    Social Networking

social media


Lastly, get everyone to stay in touch through social media such as Facebook or Instagram. Create a Group Page for the reunion and add everyone into the Page so that everyone will be able to view photos.



Organizing a school reunion party is not an easy task, not to mention a memorable ones. Hopefully the above ideas will be able to help you to organize a memorable reunion party. If you have any interesting ideas that you would like to tell us, you can leave a comment below~ We’d love to hear from you!

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