Jersey nickname with symbols they said. I can use different types they said – how in the world do I do that I said? Exodus Wear allows you to have a jersey nickname up to 15 characters long WITH symbols. So you can add a little fun flair to your nickname!

But how do I do that? What symbols are available for me to use? Ahhh say no more, say no more – check out our jersey nickname with symbols ideas below!

What symbols can I use in my nickname?

  • All the symbols on your computer keyboard are available – so you can use a hashtag #, exclamation point !, question mark ?, and &, the at sign @, star *, dashes and underscore -_-, brackets {
    [ ( etc.
  • All the mathematical symbols available in Microsoft word as well (press insert, symbol – and you will find them) ± µ ≥ ≠ ≤ ÷
  • Simple symbols such as smiley faces and love hearts are also available – basically any symbol that can be used in Microsoft Word is available. You can copy and paste the ones below:
    • Love Heart ♥
    • Hat 🎩
    • Crown ♛
    • Infinity ∞
    • Smiley face :)
    • Copyright ©
    • Pi π
    • Omega Ω
    • Star ★
    • Snowflake ❄

Use symbols for Decoration or to create Emphasis:

  • {YourName}
  • ★YourName★
  • <YourName>
  • [(YourName)]
  • #PrincessLife ♛
  • ❄ Frozen Fever! – for Frozen fans
  • #YourName – use hashtags like on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram

Use symbols to create old school Emoji’s:

  • Yourname ;) – don’t forget you can also use :) :D  ;D  :(  :’(  :/  :-)  ^_^

Use symbols instead of words:

  • Me&Pizza4eva
  • Me+Pizza= :)
  • I ♥ Pizza
  • ♛ = :) Princess
jersey nickname with symbols


  • the symbols will all be black or white (the same as the written font on your school jersey)
  • your nickname can only be 15 characters long, including symbols
  • write out your nickname ideas, with symbols included, and count the characters to check if it will fit on your jacket prior to sending it in

Found a funky symbol that is not on the above list? Have a totally cool idea we haven’t thought of and want to know if we can put it on your jacket? No worries! To make an enquiry about a symbol for your nickname contact us now!