The baseball jersey is well known as a crucial part of any Major League Baseball uniform. It’s a short-sleeved polyester shirt which usually features the team colours and name as well as button detailing on the front. It’s a piece that can have many graphical and coloured elements.

Baseball jerseys have grown to be an essential in any street style wardrobe. It’s effortlessly cool and adds a sporty look to any outfit. It may seem hard to style in unique ways as it’s such an oversized and iconic piece. If the apparent limitation of the baseball jersey is what’s keeping you from adding one to your wardrobe, look no further. A baseball jersey can actually span across styles and sexes, incorporating into almost any fashion sense.

For new and interesting ways to style a baseball jersey, here are a few inspirational ensembles.



baseball jersey tucked in

Source: Elle

Here the baseball jersey is style with some simple, white high waisted pants.
The tucked-in jersey means that the waistline is not lost in the over-sized jersey. In fact, the waist is accentuated.
The red in the jersey is complimented by the colour of the shoes.

All Out

baseball jersey romper

Source: Elle

Here the baseball jersey has actually been converted into a romper. A similar look could be achieved with a very oversized shirt.
The knee-high socks help to balance out the large oversized coat.
The look is an unusual yet creative balance between summer and winter styles.


baseball jersey floral

Source: Nickydigital

This look focuses on the unique floral baseball jersey.
The print as a more focal and feminine touch to the look and is off-balanced with plain pants and accessories as well as the black detailing.
Incorporating jerseys with different prints can help match them to your style.


baseball jersey floral pants

Source: FourEyes

This is almost a reverse of the previous look. A plain baseball jersey is used to accentuate floral bottoms.
The jersey is still bold, black and white.
Because of the dark colours in the pants, it still maintains a somewhat understated feel even though there’s a complex print.

Knee Highs

baseball jersey high knee boots

Source: Kate Lalic

Here the oversized baseball shirt acts as a minidress in the outfit.
The detailed, strappy knee-high boots act as a complimentary detail to the baseball jersey.
The amount of detail in this outfit is balanced with the limited colour scheme, preventing it from becoming overwhelming.

A Bit of Both

This avant-garde look takes advantage of the size of the jersey and layers it on top of a plain hoodie.
The style is unusual because is pairs street wear with business wear (the hat and the shoes).
However, because of the black & white, the mismatch is more subtle and delayed.

We hope that if you’re struggling for new and fashionable ways to style your baseball jersey, this post has helped you out. There are so many ways to incorporate this stable into your wardrobe and make it a piece that can become quite versatile.

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