It’s every fashion designer, label and company’s dream- to have a celebrity wear one of your designs. Having someone famous seen wearing your design is always great advertising and gives your brand a lot of exposure. It’s also, you know, just pretty cool.

At Exodus Wear we specialise in creating customised jackets and are well-loved by celebrities. Our baseball jackets, especially, are well-loved. Exodus Wear is fortunate enough to have had many celebrities wear our custom designs, including Justin Bieber!

Justin Bieber’s Custom Exodus Wear Jacket

So how did we do it? It’s a lot simpler thank you think and it didn’t cost a cent! In Confessions of an Entrepreneur, Elyse Daniels shares with you just exactly how she did it. Elyse is the founder and director of Exodus Wear and has worked to build Exodus Wear into the company it is today.

Watch the video now to hear how Elyse got Justin Bieber to wear one of our jackets.

Were you surprised about how we did it? Let us know by leaving us a comment. We hope that this video has inspired you to give things ago and be unafraid of getting what you want! You can learn more about Elyse here and her company, Exodus Wear, here. If you’re after more videos, you can check out our YouTube channel! There are heaps of great videos about business, the fashion industry and our range.

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