Job interviews – can’t live with ‘em, can’t get job without ‘em! To help you get through your job interview with flying colours check out my job interview tips – so awesome that they are suitable for both highschooler’s looking for their first after-school job and university students trying to get into their first post-uni job!

  • Get there early: make a good impression by arriving a little early. I recommend getting their half an hour early so that you have time to find the place, find parking, pay for parking and make your way to the waiting room at a calm pace.
  • Listen, then speak: Your employer will have a list of interview questions, so after you have greeted them, allow them the space to speak, listen to their questions and then answer. People in interviews often feel the need to fill the silence with talk and impress their potential employers with stories of their awesomeness, however this can lead to nervous and unnecessary chatter. Remember the employer knows the role they are hiring for and the skills they want, so give them the chance to ask you about what they are seeking before diving into answers.
  • Speak slowly and clearly: speak at a normal pace with a clear voice so that you can be easily understood. I know it can be scary and nerve racking, but take a deep breath and speak clearly as though you were speaking to a friend.
  • Be prepared: have a copy of your resume with you and various work samples if need be – depending on the type of job you are applying for you may need a portfolio of work examples (graphic designer, journalist etc.)
  • Consider questions you are likely to be asked: it helps to prepare answers for potential questions that your employer is likely to ask. You can google potential interview questions for the role you are applying for.
  • Can’t think of an answer – stall! Hahaha this tip has saved me from embarrassment many-a-time, if they ask you a question you can’t think of an answer to, repeat the question back to them as if you are confirming whether you understood the question correctly – gives you a bit of time to come up with something.
  • Look sharp: first impressions are important, make sure you are well groomed and sharply dressed for your interview.

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