At Exodus Wear, we’re all about creating custom jackets in all sorts of wonderful ways! From inside to outside, lining to one-liners, we can make almost anything you dream into reality. It shouldn’t be surprising that we’re big supporters of all things customised. There’s a way to put your name on almost anything these days but some do it better than others. In For the Love of Customwe feature different companies that are at the forefront of mass-customisation.


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kikki.K is a well-known brand of stationery, founded by Kristina Karlsson. Kristina comes from Sweden and her brand, kikki.K seeks to bring Swedish simplicity and design into the hands of its customers. The brand was born out of a love for a clean, tidy and inspiring workspace. The result has been a beautiful and simple stationery line.

What you might not know, however, is that kikki.K offers the option to monogram and personalise their products! Late last year, kikki.K began offering the option to monogram its products. It’s available in store in several VIC, NSW and QLD locations. If you don’t have access to these stores, don’t worry! You can order online!

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Source: kikki.K

The monogram

There’s a wide variety of different kikki.K items that you can have monogrammed. This includes notebooks, planners and pencil cases. Leather wallets and keychains are also available. All these products are made from genuine leather, but they’re pretty reasonably priced considering how much it costs to get personalised leather from other companies.

At the moment there are 4 different kinds of monogramming available: silver, gold, rose gold and blind embossing. This is pretty standard. There is only one font choice at the moment (pictured below), but since there’s an option to ‘choose’ your style, we expect that there will be more options in the near future.

kikki.k monogram options lettering

Source: kikki.k

Monogramming an item costs an extra $9.95 for 1-3 letters and 14.95 for 4-5 characters. The journals themselves can be expensive but it’s worth it because they’re made of real leather and will last you a lifetime, ensuring you get the most out of it.

kikki.k monogram page

Source: kikki.K

What’s awesome about seeing kikki.K start having personalised stationery is that it’s a part of mass-customisation coming into the spotlight. While there are heaps of companies that specialise in customised goods and are available in Australia (such as Mon Purse), to see a big company adopt monogramming is awesome! It’s pretty reasonably priced and easy to get your hands on, so definitely check it out if you’re looking for something like this!

kikki.K’s aesthetic ticks all the boxes as it’s simple, but not plain. The simplistic designs of kikki.K make it the ideal candidate for monogramming. We hope that more big companies will start to think about adding personalisation to their repertoire.

If you’re interested in seeing how they monogram on the spot, here’s a cute video that shows it!



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We’re looking forward to it!