For those of you who don’t know, For the Love of Custom is a series where we feature companies that specialise in anything customised! Exodus Wear is a company that is built on customisation as our signature is fully customisable outerwear. This doesn’t just mean a few embroidered characters on the back of a jumper but almost anything and everything you can think of: patches, lining and colours. This time, we’re looking into MixNature; a European company that allows you to create custom natural cosmetics.

Mix Nature logo

Mix Nature

MixNature is a company that is truly one of the first of its kind. They specialise in carefully creating fully personalised beauty products that are natural and cruelty-free. Their laboratory is in Latvia, the ‘greenest and purest country in Europe’ and this is where they formulate unique beauty products for each of their customers. Here, cosmetologists and scientists collide to create formulas that are natural, cruelty-free and the highest quality available.

MixNature products are not only completely personal but also last a lot longer than others. This is because when you buy most products at the stores, they can already be up to 6 months old. Since MixNature custom makes all their formulas, you know that they’re made-to-order. This means they’re fresher and will last longer.

Another great benefit is that the products are cruelty-free! In Australia, it’s illegal to test on animals but imported cosmetics may be. Some brands may also belong to larger parent companies that do animal testing. If you have the option, it’s always good to try and opt for cruelty-free since it doesn’t really cost you anything- just a little research.

The packaging is also gorgeous and we’re loving the minimal, yet colourful design. We don’t always like to admit it but a big part of what makes beauty products so moreish is the pretty packaging. Apart from all these great benefits, it’s also just really fun to create your own shampoos, creams and masks.

To get started we’re going to take you through what it looks like to make a face cream with MixNature.

mix nature face cream selection

Source: MixNature

You can see here that for face cream there is a choice of 4 different bases that you can choose from. These are for normal/combination, oily, dry and mature skin. You can also see which ingredients are vegan and this can come in handy if you are living a compassionate lifestyle. When you roll-over the different creams you’ll be able to see a longer description of it as well as the shelf life.

rollover description

Source: MixNature

After you’ve chosen your base, you can then start to formulate the perfect combination of ingredients for your skin. You can add up to 6 ingredients across a few categories. This includes moisturizing and nutrition, cleansing and toning, wrinkle reduction and rejuvenation, lifting and firming, acne and irritations, for enlarged pores and shininess, and against pigmentation. Because of this huge range, you’re able to have a lot of control over the specific benefits of your finished product. Again, if you roll over the ingredients with your mouse, you’ll be able to read a detailed description of the specific benefits of that ingredient.

Ingredient descriptions MixNature

Source: MixNature

We added silk protein, clove leaf essential oil, ginseng, echinacea extract, grapefruit essential oil, and burdock. The total cost for all this was $20.93. Considering that you can choose all the ingredients and the face cream is made to order for you, it’s pretty cheap. The prices listed are USD so you will have to take that into consideration (20.93USD is 27.32AUD) however, face cream can cost hundreds of dollars. Most other companies (especially high-end) will sell their face creams in small packages where you will only get about 30mL of product. At MixNature you’ll get 50mL, so it’s more than worth the price.

The minimum order is $30 so consider purchasing multiple products. We simply cannot get enough of this concept and so it’s not a problem for us! When you start to care for your skin and hair with quality ingredients that are tailored especially to you, there is a huge difference as you’ll be able to target specific problems.

MixNature is an ingenious company that is really pushing the boundaries of skin and hair care. Finding affordable products is not easy, let alone being able to find products that can be formulated for individual skin and hair types. We recommend you give MixNature a try and you can use the code ‘MIXFORFRIENDS’ at the checkout to get 20% off your order.

As lovers of all things custom, Exodus Wear prides itself in the creation of high-quality customized outerwear for groups and individuals. You can go to our Shop to start creating your custom jackets or contact us about organizing a fully customized design for your school or team!

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