When we first start working with a school on their Year 12 garment we get them to pick the garment type and then start working on designs. Sometimes there is a unanimous decision to go with one style but sometimes there is a divide and no matter how many votes or meetings are held we can’t seem to get everyone to agree on one style. In particular this seems to happen with schools who have been ordering cotton rugby jerseys for a long time and have never tried any other style. When this happens there is normally a group of students ripe for change who love the fact that our baseball jackets offer a lot more customisation options than cotton rugby jerseys and would be considered more on trend and fashion forward. On the other hand there is generally a group who like the tradition that there school has always had a rugby jersey and so they want to stick with that.

In the end instead of having any students unhappy we decided to allow schools to have more than one garment type in an individual order as long as there is more than 25 units of each style. We try and make the designs similar so that it still looks like a uniform but if you want you can make them completely different. Below are some examples of where we have done matching baseball jackets and rugby tops:

St Ives High School


Elderslie High School


What we have found most interesting in this situations is that in the end the majority of students will actually decide to order both so that they have options or they keep one for sentimental value and wear the other one.

If you would like us to design a matching set of any combination of our garments please email us at enquiries@exoduswear.com.au