Wearable technology in the form of jewellery can often look big and bulky and not very fashionable at all. However, there is one product that does look stylish and that is the Memi Smart Bracelet.

memi smart bracelet

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How does the Memi Smart Bracelet work?

The Memi Smart Bracelet works through a Bluetooth connection to your iphone. It vibrates discreetly to warn you of any incoming calls with up to three vibration patterns. This bracelet has an on and off button.  A micro USB port is also a main feature so you can charge it up for that next business meeting. You will no longer be interrupted by pesky phone calls. It is almost like a stylish pager. But, you wear around your wrist rather than clipped onto your clothes. Silencing alerts is also easy with just a double-tap.


With a classic silver design, the Memi Smart Bracelet is light and compact as well as stylish. There is a free iphone app that goes with the bracelet that even allows you to change settings. These settings include reminders and who can trigger an alert on the device. It is an expensive bracelet, costing around $150. But, it allows you to keep track of messages while on the go.

Other features of the Memi Smart Bracelet are calendar notifications, a battery life of five days, and a small LED light to let you know when it is out of range of your phone. With special features like this all included in one small product, it is no wonder the Memi Smart Bracelet is the ultimate addition to any smart jewellery range.

If you, like me, sometimes don’t hear your phone because it’s in the deep recesses of your bag, then this device is for you. You will never miss a phone call again! You can read more about this device on the Urban Wearables website: http://urbanwearables.technology/meet-memi-smart-bracelet/