This muck up day urban legend, The Carpark Kidnapping, was told to me by a teacher I had in my tenth year of high school, and is one of those stories that you may find hard to believe.


Muck Up Day Urban Legends


The story goes that at a school that she had previously taught, a small group of risk- prone students snuck into the school grounds, parking their car in the teacher’s carpark before hopping out and hiding in the dark. Nobody knew what time they had arrived that morning, or how long they waited, but since the principal of the school, their target ‘prankee’, arrived quite early in the morning, it would have had to be before dawn.

When the school principal arrived, she must have been curious about the lone parked car in the teacher’s car park but thought nothing of it as she started to unload her boot. It was then, when two of the students, now wearing black woollen balaclavas had run out of their cover and demanded that the school principal get in their car. A third student had run over to their vehicle and had started the ignition as the principal implored who they were, obviously terrified and confused.

She had grudgingly got into the car, not knowing who her alleged napper’s were or why they wanted her. As the students had placed a blindfold over her, the driver hit the gas and had sped off. To the principal in the back of the car it would have felt like the car had exited the school grounds and was now on the way to whatever destination the kidnappers were taking her. But little did she know that the students had simply been twisting and turning around the school grounds, and hadn’t even left the premises.

When they had had their fun, the let her out of the car, took of the carpark and drove off, without a single word. I’m sure she was contemplating at that moment what other pranks her Year 12 students had in mind, if that was only the first one… and the school day hadn’t even started yet.

DISCLAIMER: To make it clear, we are merely documenting the best muck up day stories in the country and we don’t condone damaging private property, underage drinking or stealing cows. We definitely suggest that you stay home on muck up day and study really hard for exams. Do you think you’ve got a story that’s even more legendary? Share your muck up day urban legend on social media with #mudurbanlegends.