At Exodus Wear our dance jackets division just continues to grow and grow. It seems word has got out about our jackets in the dance community so that we now get many referrals from our wonderful clients. We are constantly trying to innovate and create new concepts for our customers and so with that in mind we have now started offering reversible jackets to dance schools.

Reversible jackets are great for dance schools because you can have one side as your formal jacket that you wear at competitions and eisteddfods; then the opposite side can be a fun and creative design that is a more generic dance design. This means that if your dancers just want something comfy to wear on the weekend they can easily flip their dance jacket to the opposite side.

The jacket is also made from two different materials. One side is a baseball jacket made from polycotton fleece which you can embroider, heat transfer and apply applique to. On the opposite side is a showerproof nylon that you can do a full colour design on so that instead of a jacket which is reversible but looks like similar designs on each side you get two completely different jackets. The showerproof side is also great for rainy days when you may be out at competitions.

If you are going on a dance tour and want a specific year or information about the tour on the jacket you could have one side of the jacket with all those details and then the reverse side could be more like a standard uniform with your logo that can be worn at any time.

Below is a design for MMMM Dance Centre of Excellence that is currently in production. This is our first reversible jacket we are producing for a dance school and we think it has turned out fantastic.







For more information or a free mock-up please email us at or call (02) 8188 7988.