Extracurricular activities come in all shapes and sizes and it’s a great goal to be more involved in the clubs and activities at your school or university. If you’ve never done any extracurriculars before, this can be quite daunting. Despite this, we all know getting involved is a great way to make friends, balance your life and add to your experiences.

If you’re looking for advice on how you can get yourself involved in more clubs on campus, this is the post for you. Here are 4 simple tips that will help you get your head around doing extracurricular activities the right way.

1. Choose something you like

Although this may seem like a straightforward approach, it’s also easy to choose a club or activity completely based on what you think you should do, or what your friends and parents want you to do. Yes, it’s awesome to be in a club where you already have a lot of friends but this can also stop you from making new friends. It’s probably a better idea to choose something that you are interested in, that way you’ll be meeting people with similar interests.

2. Commit to it

If you can. Commitment is a crucial way to make the most out of your experience. Expect that you might not feel 100% confident in the first few meetings or training sessions; you’re in a new environment! I can assure you that if you persist and commit to attending your practises and club meetings, you will start to become more and more familiar with it. Fitting in takes time so don’t give up!

3. Join in

One of the easiest ways to start feeling ‘at home’ in a club is to start doing stuff for them! It’s easy to just sit back and be a participant in it all but once you step up and start volunteering to help, you’ll become a lot more part of the group. This is a good way to maximise on your opportunities. Start with simple things like offering to help pack away and set up at events/practise is a good start.

4. Balance it

Another problem that extracurriculars can have is overtaking your life. If you find your work-life balance and wellbeing are suffering as a result of overloading, you might want to reconsider the amount of extracurriculars you do. It’s better to do a few things willingly than find every part of your life a burden. Be smart about your balance and prioritise your well-being.

MUCU extracurricular activities

Source: MUCU

If your goal is to get more involved in club activities or school sports this year, we hope that this post has helped you think of practical ways to keep yourself at it. With this kind of thing, it’s all about perseverance and giving your best.

Getting involved in extracurricular activities is a great way to make new friends and add to your resume. It’s a great new year’s resolution for anyone wanting to put themselves out there and get the most out of 2017.

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