So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably would have heard about the hit new show on Netflix, “13 Reasons Why”, a gripping, moving, and sometimes hilarious teen drama about troubled student, Hannah Baker. Though slightly controversial, the show raises some very important questions about depression, bullying and assault and how brutal in general high-school can be. It is, in my opinion, a very important show, especially for growing teens so put it on your list. Just make sure you bring the tissues.

13 Reasons Why Nickname Ideas

If you’ve watched the show, you’ll know then that there are an endless array of nickname ideas that you could use on your Year 12 Jersey. But be quick, this show is trending so much right now, you’ll want your name to be unique before everybody’s walking around with “Shut Up Courtney” printed on their backs…

  • Clay Jensen (If you’re a sweet, but partially clueless teen.)
  • Adorable
  • Hannah Baker (If you’re a quirky rockstar!)
  • Hey, it’s Hannah! (Or maybe, insert your own name…hopefully people get it, right?)
  • Whatever Device
  • No Encore (This ones surprisingly deep…sigh)
  • Tony Padilla (If you’re the parent of your friend group)
13 Reasons Why Nickname ideas

  • Unhelpful Yoda (You don’t get it? Watch the show)
  • Jessica Davis (If you’re cool, and just a little sassy!)
  • Male
  • Female
  • F.M.L (Tell your teachers it means Forgot My Lunch)
  • Alex Standall (If you’re that artsy kid who has a septum piercing…)
  • Justin Foley (If you’re a hot stud…with redeemable qualities)
13 Reasons Why Nickname Ideas

  • Zach Dempsey (^^Basically Justin, just a little more thick.)
  • Sheri Holland (If you’re a bad driver…too soon?)
  • Jeff Atkins (If you’re a hot angel)
  • Skye Miller (If you’re an independent badass!)
  • Twilight
  • Ryan Shaver (If you’re a poet…)
  • Tyler Down (Sure…if you’re a stalker and take heaps of photos)
  • Marcus Cole (If you’re the dux of your school, maybe school captain?…but self-absorbed.)
  • Courtney Crimson (Why would you do that to yourself?)
13 Reasons Why Nickname ideas

  • Shut up Courtney! (Yes…we know this isn’t the original quote, but you know…censorship.)
  • Allegedly
  • Bryce Walker (No…just no.)
  • Tape # (Choose your favourite…)

Fun Fact: Selena Gomez was the main producer of the show because she loved the book so much. You Go, Ms. Gomez!…want another? Kate Langford who plays the infamous Hannah, hails from good ol’ Perth, and this is her first major role! Aussie represent!

If you have anymore great nickname ideas, why not head over to our friendly forum and let the community know. Don’t be a Courtney in life…share that idea!