Whether you’re a fan of the original Japanese manga, or can’t wait to see the film adaptation featuring Scarlett Johansson, Ghost in the Shell is a classic manga series that has been continuously adapted for the screen, big and small. Set in the future, when everyone is embedded with technology and the concept of being human comes into question, this series has a long list of cool nickname ideas for you to choose from. If you are a die-hard fan of the manga series, and what a unique nickname that nobody else in your year will choose, then look no further and choose one from this list…

Nickname Ideas for Ghost in the Shell Fanatics


  • Daisuke Aramaki
  • Motoko Kusanagi
  • Togusa
  • Batou
  • Borma
  • Ishikawa
  • Pazu
  • Saito
  • Azuma
  • Yano
  • Proto
  • Yoko Kayabuki
  • Takakura
  • Kazundo Gouda
  • The Laughing Man
  • The Pupper Master
  • Hideo Kuze
  • Super Spartan
  • Junk Jungle
  • Megatech
  • Robot Rondo
  • Phantom Fund
  • Dumb Barter
  • Bye Bye Clay
  • Brain Drain
  • Puppeteer
  • Section 9
  • Fat Cat
  • Drive Slave
  • Mines of Mind
  • Lost Past
  • Under Water
  • Circuit Weapon
  • Flyby Orbit
  • Old of Life
  • New Port City
  • Cyberbrain
  • Psymechs
  • Tachikoma
  • Mecha
  • CIS
  • Individual Eleven
  • Section 1
  • Section 2
  • Section 3
  • Section 4
  • Section 6
  • Umibozu
Nickname Ideas for Ghost in the Shell Fanatics


Do you have anymore great Ghost in the Shell nickname ideas? Still can’t decide on what nickname to choose? Why not head over to the forum page and let our friendly community help pick one out for you! We’d love to see your jackets emblazoned with your nicknames. Take a pic on social media and make sure to use the hashtag, #exoduswear.