Have you been following the daily occurrences of Beacon Hills high school? Does this make you want to be a part of Scott Mccall’s pack? If your answers are yes and yes, the diagnosis is that you are a die hard Teen Wolf fan. Scott struggles season after season as he tries to balance his werewolf responsibilities with his school life. Along with best mate Stiles and veteran pack member Lydia, he has been through losses and pain unlike no other. Therefore why not show your solidarity and support for Scott and friends in their times of need with a Teen wolf themed customised jersey? In order to help you, here are some nickname ideas for the Teen wolf fan.

identify with particular creatures?

The Banshee
The werewolf
A werecoyote
Ghost riders
The sidekick
The Alpha/ True Alpha (if you are the leader of your group, this is a good nickname)
The Dread Doctors
Thunder Kitsune

Teen wolf symbols that might symbolise a trait in you

Argent (means silver in Latin and Spanish, and also the family name of Scott’s first love)
La Bête du Gévaudan/ The Beast
The fox spirit

teen wolf jargon

Apotheosis (To attain God like status)
The Dark Moon
Demon warriors
The Nematon
The Deputy
The Beta
Damnatio memoriae (it basically means the condemnation of memory and just…sounds very cool don’t you think?)
Silver finger

These are just a few ideas for nicknames taken from the TV show. Having lost dear friends and pack members throughout the show, the pack continues to stand together and look out for each other from the various brutal supernatural forces that threaten to bring down Beacon Hills. They continue to solve baffling mysteries surrounding the town while constantly being bombarded by other supernatural forces always looking to gain something from Scott and his pack. Hence as a true member of the pack, get yourself a Teen wolf themed jacket using our nickname generator. Have other good teen wolf nickname ideas? Then don’t hesitate to let us know . Remember, you can have 15 characters on the back and 6 on the front. Get yours asap! Peace out!