Graduated from university? Do you have old university textbooks lying around gathering dust that you don’t know what to do with?

Well this is the place for you. Listed below are places where you can sell and also buy used university textbooks. These websites are great for if you have just started university or are just finishing. And let’s face it, university textbooks sometimes can cost the earth. But they don’t have to. With these websites you can be sure you can get the right book for a cheaper price. So, here they are:

Places to check out for old university textbooks

Student VIP Textbooks

Student VIP textbooks has some good deals on buying and selling your used university textbooks. One benefit of this website is that it is Australia wide. So, no matter where you are you can sell your used textbooks! They also have a long list of discipline to choose from. And whether you are or have studied business, science, I.T, education, health, etc… you are sure to get a good deal.

You can find out more at their website:

The Campus Bookstore

The next on the list is the Campus bookstore. This website also has quite a few subjects to choose from. You can buy new or used from this online bookstore. Not only this, but you can also rent books. So, you no longer even have to buy the book and have it sit on the shelf. Why not rent?

For more information head on over to:


Another place to look is Bookfinder. This is extremely useful for selling and buying old or used textbooks. And Bookfinder gives you some great tips on how to sll books online and when to buy your used textbooks so you are not missing out.

Just check out: for more information


Last but not least is Co-op. This has a huge range of subjects and disciplines and textbooks for those courses. And if you are a member you can save 50% on all purchases and free shipping for orders over $50! So what are you waiting for. Get online and grab these awesome deals!

For more information head to:

There are probably many other places you can check out. But this is just an idea of where you can go to buy or sell your old and used university textbooks. You can get some great deals if you are prepared to look. Make sure you get in early though because with cheap prices on textbooks, they are sure to sell like hot cakes. So don’t miss out! Get online now and start buying or selling your textbooks!