At Exodus all our garments are 100% custom so it is possible to pick anything you want but we do find that we have some popular variations that a lot of schools like to pick from. Below are some of our most popular decoration methods and fabric customisations.

We recommend your school emblem be embroidered as this is a more premium finish than screen printing. It also allows you to use as many colours as you want and have lots of detail. Underneath you can choose to include the class year and student’s name all for the same price.

Embroidered School Emblem


For your nickname we use a heat transfer because this allows you to personalise it with your choice of letters and symbols. You can have up to 15 characters. Our heat transfers are also guaranteed not to peel off if the care instructions are followed.


If you want to print some text or a basic image somewhere on your garment we recommend screen printing because it is possible to print any shape or font and in any colour. It is also a very crisp finish.

Screen Printed Text


On our baseball jackets it is posisble to change the fabric used for the applique letters and numbers. These are the most popular fabrics:



Satin Look




Our lining is a great way to customise your jacket with your student’s photo or names. Below are two examples:

Photo Printed Lining


Name Printed Lining


If you have any other materials or decoration methods you would like to know if we can use please contact us on (02) 8188 7988