The parka jacket has always been around but has just recently joined the Exodus Wear custom collection. It’s practical and sensible, shielding its wearers from the toughest of weather conditions. It’ll keep all the warmth in while keeping all the wind and rain out. Usually, it’s the most ‘sensible’ apparel that turns out to be the most unfashionable but the parka jacket may be the exception! For a casual wardrobe, the parka is essential as you want something that will be comfortable without compromising style.

Parkas may have a fur lining but we’ve chosen to focus more on the anorak-style, furless variety of parka. It goes best with some fitted pants and a simple outfit as too much colour and texture can overwhelm the parka, drawing from its laidback feel.

Important things to keep in mind when styling a parka is the size (is it long, baggy or fitted?), colour and the detailing. By being aware of these kinds of things, you’ll be able to put together a great outfit featuring the parka jacket!

If you’re finding yourself lost for styling options for these jackets, we’ve got you covered with some outfit inspiration!



This look has plenty to love and is such a well put together outfit! The simple monochrome bag, jeans and top really allow the colour of the parka to stand out.

The length of the parka makes it unique and the oversized nature contrasts with the intricate gold detailing. The long coat makes her look more feminine and dainty by comparison.

This is accentuated by the statement leopard-print boots, which add interest to the outfit.







Source: ASOS


This is another look that’s bound to turn heads as the parka acts as a simple backdrop to bring out the accessories.

The emerald green, oversized scarf is the focal point of this outfit. The green soles of the shoes are somewhat understated but when you see them, you realise they go perfectly with everything else.

The parka design has a more sporty look. This contrasts directly with the dressier shoes and the form-fitting trousers. The parka itself is also quite fitted, accentuating the oversized scarf.

The logo on the jacket is understated yet adds a bit more texture to the look.





blue parka

Source: Lookbook


This look definitely maximises comfort while still remaining stylish. The key to this look is the similarity of all the different colours. When done well, sticking to a colour scheme can ensure that your outfit looks planned.

The drastically darker parka and printed tee are still different enough to the denim to avoid looking tacky. The parka is a little oversized, adding to the comfort-factor.

The grey sneakers add a bit of light to the ensemble, preventing it from looking too intense.







Source: Niimas


This outfit embodies another classic combination. The parka is a standout in this look as the red jumper immediately draws your eyes to the torso.

The eyes are then lead to the red details on the parka’s embroidery and zips. The charcoal colour keeps the look together and provides a slightly softer alternative to black. The detailing on the parka has been balanced by the basic jumper and jeans.

The boots then add a cool, military vibe to the entire outfit.








Parka Jacket

Our Fully Customisable Parka

The parka doesn’t have to be limited to just functionality and can be a part of a great outfit. By taking the unique features of your jacket into consideration, you’ll be able to create a look that brings out the best of all its parts.

Our brand new parka jacket is fully customisable and has just been made available online. Since it’s fully customisable, the styling options are really endless as you can make the jacket fit your needs. Our parkas are not just for uniform but a great statement piece.

Use the #exodusstyle to share your look. We can’t wait to see your outfits featuring our new parka!