We love it when technology and design meet! With the way technology is progressing these days it is hard to keep up. Whether it is a new app, new social media platform or some other form of technology each one seems to change the way we live our lives instantly. One of the developing technologies that we are seeing around a lot is the QR code.

QR (Quick Response) Codes are two-dimensional barcodes that encode information such as an address for a website, words, a phone number or an e-mail address. Most codes are one colour and look like a pixelated square. In order to “read” the QR code the user needs a smart device with a camera and a QR code reader. Using the smart device you take a photo of the code using the QR code reader and it will take you to the website or reveal the information contained. They are very simple to create and there are lots of websites that let you create QR codes for free. However, it is also possible to create QR codes that incorporate an image or a logo but these do need to be purchased.

Our team were extremely excited to design our first custom hoodie with a QR code printed on it for  Hutt City Dance, a dance school in New Zealand. Below are some photos of the custom hoodie we created:

Now as their dancers travel the country and the World they will be a walking, talking billboard for their dance school. Plus with mobile technology anyone could be sitting behind the on a train or bus and be able to scan the QR code to check out their website.

Whatever your design idea is please do not hesitate to contact our team on (02) 8188 7988 or enquiries@exoduswear.com.au. The more challenging the design, the better!