Annyonghaseyo!!! I know sometimes we, as K-pop fans, want to keep ourselves up-to-date about our bias. Like their new albums, dramas or concerts. But we don’t know where to get all the information. So here are some resources just for you!

Facebook Page

Here’s some nice Facebook page that might interest you!

  1. KPOP Concerts in Australia

This page provides information on K-pop groups or artist coming to Australia for promotional activities and concerts. So, if you wanna meet your bias, do follow this page!

  1. KPOP Australia

This is a page where they sell K-pop goods and merchandise. There is a link in the page that will direct you to their official website to browse and purchase the goods that you always wanted to have!


Want to keep yourself up-to-date on K-pop news? Perhaps the following links will be able to satisfy that need of yours!

  1. Allkpop
  2. Soompi
  3. Koreaboo


  1. Soshified

This website is the authoritative source for latest news and media about Girls’ Generation (SNSD). This is totally suitable for SONES!


And of course, your favourite K-pop group/ artist have their own official accounts in Instagram. We have list down some of them so do support them!

Girls Generation (SNSD)

  1. Jessica Jung
  2. Seohyun
  3. Tiffany
  4. Sooyoung
  5. Taeyeon
  6. Sunny
  7. Yuri
  8. Hyoyeon
  9. Yoona

Big Bang

  1. Seungri
  2. Taeyang
  3. G-Dragon
  4. TOP


  1. Yoseob
  2. Dongwoon
  3. Junhyung
  4. Dujoon
  5. Kikwang


  1. Group official


  1. Onew
  2. Jonghyun
  3. Key
  4. Group official


  1. Baekhyun
  2. Chanyeol
  3. Sehun
  4. Lay

Super Junior

  1. Leeteuk
  2. Donghae
  3. Eunhyuk
  4. Siwon
  5. Heechul
  6. Sungmin
  7. Kangin
  8. Henry
  9. Yesung
  10. Shindong

Kpop Amino

This a mobile community where K-pop fans from all over the world discuss and share their love. Download the app in your phone to connect with them ~ Click here to go to their website.


There are a lot of other resources to share your love of K-pop but here are some of them. Do hope you like them and if you have any other resources that you would recommend us, let us know about it. We’d love to hear from you!