If you’re in year 12 this year, pretty soon you will be wondering what kind of ATAR score you will get, are your grades good enough, what grades do you need to get to achieve said score? Then you will start scouring the internet for good ATAR calculators to estimate your score. Good news, if you are a student in NSW I have found the perfect one for you: The ATAR Talent 100 Calculator!

Talent 100 is a tutoring college which specialises in getting kids through their ATAR exams, HSC, UMAT and getting top marks. They offering tutoring from year 7 through to year 12.

They also have an ATAR calculator! This calculator is the most advanced calculator I have ever seen, it can not only estimate your ATAR, but it shows your scaled marks too. Here are the ways you can use the calculator:

  • Use it to estimate your ATAR score: select calculate my ATAR, select your subjects, input your year 12 averages and it will tell you your scaled scores, your estimated exam marks and your estimated ATAR.
  • Breakdown your ATAR by ATAR: select break down my ATAR by ATAR, input your goal ATAR score, select your subjects and it will estimate the scores you need to receive in each year 12 subject and on each exam to achieve your goal score.
  • Breakdown your ATAR by course: select break down my ATAR by course, select your preferred university course (Business, Law, Science, Medicine, Arts etc.), select your dream university, and it will give you an estimate of the subject scores, exam scores and ATAR you need to achieve to reach that course – don’t read too much into this, seems too high an estimate to me. It also gives you a list of the specific university courses within your chosen field of study and their ATAR cut offs over the past few years – a more realistic expectation.
  • Breakdown your ATAR by University: the same things as above – basically focus on the university course list and cut offs at the bottom of the page.
ATAR Talent 100 Calculator


So if you are looking for your ATAR calculator NSW students – you found it! If you are looking for a customised year 12 jersey we have that too! Check out our gallery of designs with over 3000 year 12 jersey design ideas!