Fun fact…did you know that our Founder Elyse was pretty good at roller skating? She was in a precision rollerskating team for a good 10 years and she represented NSW; ok she was actually the Captain of the team (why are we not surprised at that?). When she told us we were like ‘cool’ and then we were like ‘what is precision rollerskating?’ Despite our protests she wasn’t willing to go through the archives and provide photos and videos of her in a sparkly leotard so we resorted to YouTube instead. After watching the video below we think it’s kind of like synchronised swimming without the water.

Something else we learnt was that the skaters would have their Mum’s add zippers to the sides of their track pants so they can warm up with their rollerskates on but then take off the pants and just have a leotard on underneath for their training session. And because we are a super mature team we were like “ok so just like stripper pants”. This lead to a rather long tangent about how strippers have velcro or snap buttons on their pants to get them off quickly and dramatically whereas roller skating and ice skating tracksuits use zippers because they are more concerned with durability and quality than getting them off quickly.

Custom sports tracksuit

Custom tracksuit jacket stars lining

Custom physie tracksuit embroidery

If you are a part of a roller skating or ice skating club and you are looking for custom tracksuits we can add zippers to most parts of our tracksuits. Whether it is zip off sleeves or pants all of our garments are 100% custom made so you can design them to your exact specifications and we can have them made.

 For more information on our custom tracksuits with custom zippers please do not hesitate to contact us