We break down the lingo so you don’t have to

Australia’s known for its Aussie slang, but everywhere you go there’s different names for the same thing – which is why it can all get very confusing.

There are actually huge differences between Australian and American English even though we speak the same language. For example, we say ‘capsicum’ and Americans say ‘bell pepper’ (how crazy!) – and that’s only the beginning because the same can be said about names for clothes.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our favourite variations below.

Jumper (a cotton or woollen pullover)Sweater
Baseball jacketLetterman jacket or varsity jacket
Hoodie (jumper with a hood)Sweat shirt
SingletTank top, undershirt
Tracksuit, trackie dacksSweat pants
Pants (more formal type)Trousers
Skivvy (to keep you warm in winter)Turtleneck
Runners or joggersSneakers, tennis shoes
ThongsFlip flops


Decoded school words 

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered what a freshman was? We certainly have! Even the words we use at school are a little different.

Primary SchoolElementary School
High SchoolUsually includes middle school and high school
AthleticsTrack and field
P.E. classGym class
Write an essayWrite a paper
Grade 9Freshman year
Grade 10Sophomore year
Grade 11Junior year
Grade 12Senior year

Know any unusual names for something so common? Let us know by commenting below.