Ah Shrek, there’s nothing like the original! Well except maybe the other 3 sequels and various mini-movies. For all my fellow Shrek fans may I present the Shrek jersey nickname ideas!

All these nicknames are based on the first movie – this list will be rather long if I cover all of them. Now what happens in the other movies? Oh yeah Shrek 2 they go home to Far Far Away to meet mummy and daddy, Shrek takes a magic potion gets pretty, then Fiona decides they should stay Ogre’s. Shrek 3 is about Fiona’s dad the Frog King dying, so Shrek goes to get Prince Arthur, and Shrek and Fiona have 3 Ogre babies. Also somewhere in there the donkey/dragon babies are born, love them! Shrek 4 is when Rumplestilskin intervenes and makes it like Shrek never saved Fiona and Shrek has to fix it.

  • Shrek
  • I am an Ogre!
  • #Ogre
  • Roar!
  • #Onions – Shrek: ‘Ogre’s are like onions.’ Donkey: ‘They stink?’
  • #Layers
  • Delivery Boy – Shrek: ‘Hey! I’m no one’s messenger boy, all right? I’m a delivery boy.’
  • Donkey!
  • Nice Boulder – ‘I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder.’
  • Waffles! – ‘And in the morning, I’m makin’ waffles!’
  • Donkey Fly – Donkey: ‘I bet you have never seen a donkey fly!’
  • Noble Steed – ‘She called me a noble steed.’
  • DonkeyOnTheEdge
  • Princess Fiona
  • Princess ‘your name’
  • #Princess
  • #Royal
  • Dragon
  • Girl Dragon – Donkey: ‘Oh you’re a girl Dragon! I mean of course you’re a girl dragon!’
  • Pinocchio
  • Gingy – The Gingerbread Man
  • 3 Little Pigs
  • 3 Blind Mice
  • Lord Farquad – Shrek:‘Let’s just say that men of his stature are in short supply!’
  • Lord ‘your name’
  • Lady ‘your name’

Remember when designing your nickname our jerseys allow up to 15 characters ONLY with symbols included. Handy hint: write out your nickname ideas, with symbols included, and count the characters to check if it will fit on your jacket prior to sending it in. To order you year 12 jersey contact us today!