NEW to our range for 2014 is our Active Jacket!

Sprint to Graduation in style with our new sporty Active Jacket. Made from a new fabric which combines the breathability and moisture wicking technologies of polyester with the warmth and feel of cotton. This jacket looks like 100% polyester from the outside but it actually has a warm fluffy inner lining made of fleece that will keep you nice and warm in those cooler months.

Don’t let the clean lines of this jacket deceive you; there are still a lot of features to customise. Anywhere you see the patterned panels it is possible to print anything you like. Whether it is your own pattern, your school logo printed as a pattern, all your students names or even photos – it is all possible! Plus you can then print the same pattern in your school initials or number on the back as featured on the red jacket. It is also possible to move the panels around. You don’t have to have them on top of the sleeves; they could be under the arm, on the side of the body or even half of the front panel.

If you don’t want to have a pattern printed in the panels than it is also possible to just had a plain colour. It is also still possible to have our 3D applique for the school initials and number on the back in a choice of satin look, felt, leather look and denim.

As with all our jackets it is possible to have a custom lining and the rule with our lining is that there is no rule! Whatever you can come up we can print. Some ideas to get you started are all your students names, a muck-up photo, student signatures, artwork created by a student; the possibilities are endless! If you would like to have the side panels of the jacket printed with plain lining so your students can use this area to sign each other’s jackets please remember to mention this to our team.

If you are in a warmer climate and would like to have a 100% polyester garment without the fleece that is also possible. With our 100% polyester garments you can create a full colour design all our the fabric. Have you got creative students who love to draw and design? Photocopy the blank template from this catalogue and let them draw a design from scratch. We will computerise their design and print it directly onto the material.

Other features of this garment include an internal pocket and it is also possible to add a hood.

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