Starter jackets have been around for a while now. Originally made for American football, they started spreading like wildfire within the general population in the 90s in America. Eventually, they made a mark in other continents too. However not a lot of people actually what they are and the story behind them, like that of bomber jackets. Hence this post is to tell you the what’s and why’s of the once magnificently popular starter jacket.

What is the starter jacket?

The starter jacket is one that originated in the early 1980s as an alternate design of the parkas worn by the American NFL sideline coaches. They were then known as breakaway pullovers. The hooded and padded zipper design soon emerged a few years later and this lead to the rise in the trend of owning a trademark starter jacket. The then “new” satin makeover also made these jackets favourable to the others that were made out of the traditional, cheap nylon.

Why did it become popular?

First of all, anyone and everyone could pull off a starter. Those with or without a fashion sense. All you needed is the oversized jacket itself. The starter jacket provided grace to kids and people of all walks of life. However more than that, though several baseball players graced on starter jackets, its entrance into the pop culture is what boosted the jacket’s popularity exponentially. From rappers to hip hop artists such as DJ Jazzy (highly doubt you guys woulfd know him), regularly seen in starter jackets and matching snapbacks, old and young everywhere caught the contagious starter disease. The uniting of sports and pop culture by a jacket brought hope to many young dreamers. It was a cosy jacket that made everyone look pretty so why not eh?

Where are they now?

Soon as the mid 90s passed, fashion changed. Also, given the high value of starter jackets, many thefts and criminal offences were associated with it. This led to bad media that openly published murders and assaults that were all connected to starter jackets. Hence not even its, celebrity status and comfort could keep the starter alight at its peak position and the craze was lost.

However years later, Eddie Murphy wore a starter jacket in the film Coming back to America. And this helped to slowly bring back the starter in some parts of America, though not to its original glory. These jackets gave their wearer a new found self confidence. These jackets helped make a statement. So for all you jacket lovers out there, there is no reason not to add one to your collection. Peace out!