Have you ever seen Border Security on television? If so, then you would know that it’s risky business travelling anywhere for work or study without the right visa. And you could risk being sent home if you are in breach of your visa. But why would you want that when you came all that way? Here to help are some tips for international students to help you get student visas to study in Australia.

Obtaining student visas

If you trying to get a visa to come and study in Australia, here are some ways of going about this.

Firstly head on over to the website for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection which is: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa/Appl/Student

This website has all the information you need to get a student visa. You can even keep track of your visa applications too. Below is a sample student visa:

student visas

(Source: http://www.australia.edu/international/international-student-visa.html)

Types of student visas

There are also many different types of student visas you can get. And it is important that you get the right one in order to have the right to study in another country. Below is a list of most of them:

Student visa (subclass 500)

This one is for those of you who are coming into Australia solely for study. There are also some requirements which must be met before the visa is granted. These include language, financial support, and general entrant requirements.

Student Guardian visa (subclass 590)

This type of visa is for those who are coming to provide care to a student studying in Australia who is under 18.

Training visa (subclass 407)

Next is the training visa. This visa will allow you to take part in workplace based training.

Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)

Finally, there is the temporary graduate visa. This one is for those of you who have finished studies and would like to work temporarily in Australia.

More information on these can be found at: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Stud

Hopefully this has provided you with a clear idea of student visas and the types available to you. Visas are a valuable tool, particularly if you are wanting to study overseas. And student visas ensure you can legally study in whatever country you want to study in. So, what are you waiting for?

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