School uniforms have triggered many debates over the years, with heated discussions regarding the pro’s and con’s over having one or not. The one important aspect had never been debated quite as comprehensibly until now which is whether to have a gender specific uniform or not.

Newtown Performing High School students have campaigned successfully to remove gender rules from their school after extensive lobbying, as part of an initiative supported by the Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA). The SSCA is a program that works with schools to foster an inclusive environment for all sexual orientations.

Exodus Wear have a large range of fully customisable jackets, that suit Unisex requirements and can easily be adapted to a school’s uniform, as per Newtown Performing Arts High School’s specific needs. Exodus jackets not only look great but are fully customisable, which means students and teachers can work on a specific look for their school, making them unique to their local area. Students’ designs can be incorporated into the jackets design to ensure better engagement by students for the best result possible.

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