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Behind the Scenes Video of Jedward’s Put your Green Cape on Film Clip

As we have mentioned previously we were lucky enough to be asked to produce some custom baseball jackets for Jedward to wear in the lead-up to Eurovision. You can see the behind the scenes photos here but today we actually have a behind the scenes video to share with you. [...]

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Israel Cruz wears personalised Baseball Jacket in Nasty Video Clip

Our team recently worked with Israel Cruz to create a personalised baseball jacket for a video clip of the song Nasty which features various artists from the Nufirm Music label. Israel actually came up with the design himself and it was really fun to do some more edgy artwork. In [...]

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Zayn Malik posts photo of his personalised baseball jacket on Instagram

There are just so many social media platforms these days that is makes it virtually impossible to follow everything. On Friday Zayn Malik from One Direction posted a photo of the custom baseball jacket that The Justice Crew gave him which we made but we only discovered it today when [...]

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Photo of Zayn Malik baseball jacket from The Justice Crew becomes number 1 on Twitter

Yesterday John from The Justice Crew posted a sneak peak photo of the personalised baseball jacket they had made for Zayn Malik as a thank you gift for having The Justice Crew as their support act on their first Australian tour. Within hours the photo had been retweeted all over [...]

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The Justice Crew give One Direction personalised Baseball Jackets

We have been keeping a secret for the last couple of weeks and we are so happy we can finally share our exciting news!!! The Justice Crew found out they were going to be the support act for One Direction's first Australian tour and they wanted something special to wear; [...]

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Sydney Fashion Stylist does DIY Video Tutorial on Embellished Baseball Jacket

Giarne from Sydney Fashion Stylist blog just posted this DIY video on how to embellish a baseball jacket with studs and a flower using one of the jackets from our Letterform Range. Check out the video below.  

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Could the custom jackets we produced for Jedward help Ireland win Eurovision 2012

While Ireland has won Eurovision seven times, more than any other country, they have not won since 1996 and this year they are actually re-enteringJedward, their same act from last year who placed 8th. Jedward consists of Irish twin brothers, Edward and John Grimes who came to fame in 2009 [...]

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Custom Hoodie for Marty Petrovich Sprint Car Racing Team

This week we have been having a lot of fun working on the below design for the Marty Petrovich Sprint Car Racing team. Marty is an aussie trying to make it big in America on the sprint car racing circuit. Marty came up with the below design for a custom [...]

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Celebrity Fashion Trend – Baseball Jackets Revival

In 2011 we saw a trend start with many celebrities wearing baseball jackets. It was unclear whether it would be a passing fad or not but now that we are well into 2012 it is clear to say that this trend is staying around for a little while at least. [...]

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Barry Southgate wears personalised Baseball Jacket on New York tour

Australian R&B artist Barry Southgate performed in New York last year and we were lucky enough to work with his stylist to provide a baseball jacket for him. We provided a plain red and white baseball jacket from our Letterform Jackets range and then his stylist sewed on the letter [...]

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