20 Nickname ideas for a Divergent fan

 Image: http://www.bleacheers.com/ Deciding on the perfect nickname for your jersey can be hard sometimes - there are so many options out there and it can be hard to think of some that are related to your favourite books or movies. Check out our list of Divergent-related nickname ideas for some inspiration, [...]

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Beauty and the Beast Nickname Ideas

‘Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme – (yep you guessed it!) – Beauty and the Beast.’ Who could forget this Disney classic AND like everything Disney lately it’s making a huge comeback! To celebrate may I present the Beauty and the Beast jersey nickname ideas! Now [...]

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40 Beyoncé Nickname Ideas for Every Queen

If you don't know who Beyoncé is, firstly, you need to. As a singer, songwriter, wife, mother and straight-up queen, Beyoncé is second to no one (except Taylor Swift that one time). But let's be honest, Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best [...]

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Top 15 Lady Gaga Nickname Ideas

Are you a diehard fan of the Mother Monster? Do you relish in the talented artists' creative and talented art-scope of music and music videos? To celebrate Lady Gaga's brand new album Joanne, released last month,  this Top 15 compiles the top Gaga nickname ideas. Which one will you choose for [...]

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Doctor Who nickname ideas for the ardent fan

Doctor Who is one of the top and longest running sci-fi serials on television. We have seen many changes to the Doctor’s appearance in that time with many regenerations under his belt. He has also had many loyal friends over the years that have helped him along the way. He [...]

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Sleeping Beauty Jersey Nickname Ideas

Accidentally pricked your finger on an enchanted spinning wheel recently? Well if you have - you would be in an enchanted sleep right now … and not reading this… hmm didn’t think that through. Okay never mind take 2 – come one, come all and check out our Sleeping Beauty [...]

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20 Nickname Ideas for Undertale Fans

                        Image: http://undertale.com/ The sight of this list fills you with DETERMINATION For all you monsters lurking down in the ruins: Toriel Napstablook Loox Froggit Temmie Muffet Dreemurr Doggo For all the comedians/skeleton brothers out there: Sans Papyrus Image: [...]

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Lilo and Stitch Year 12 Jersey Nickname Ideas

Not sure about you guys but my little brother had Lilo and Stitch on repeat when we were younger – so whether I wanted to or not I had to love it. So for all those made to suffer through the repeats here are some Lilo and Stitch jersey nickname [...]

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VLOG: The Nickname on My Year 12 Jersey | Elyse Daniels

Elyse Daniels is the founder of Exodus Wear, a company that specialises in customisation of outerwear such as jackets and hoodies. Starting from humble beginnings in 2009, Elyse has since grown this company to what it is now! At Exodus Wear we specialised in customisable jackets. Where some companies only let you choose [...]

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