Nickname Ideas for Once Upon a Time fans

Calling all Oncers! Check out our Once Upon a Time year 12 jacket nickname ideas! Show off your Once Upon a Time Fandom (addiction/obsession/love/feels/awesomest thing ever…. What was I saying? Oh yeah…) with a OUAT nickname. Love fairy tales? Then (assuming you haven’t already) you are going to fall head-over-heels [...]

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GO, GO, GO! 38 Awesome Pokemon Nickname Ideas

Pokemon Go! has captured almost everyone’s attention, but apart from being a safety hazard, its release has revived a worldwide love for Pokemon. Pokemon is loved by people of all ages and has stood the test of time when it comes to popularity. Like Ash, it never grows old! If [...]

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75 Nickname Ideas for the Game of Thrones Addict

Whether it’s crying over our favourite character’s brutal and untimely death, or rejoicing over their sweet, sweet vengeance, this iconic TV show and book series knows how to get our heart pumping and our head spinning. Now it's time to display your true allegiances on your Year 12 jerseys with these [...]

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40 Nickname ideas for the Hunger Games fan

Let the names begin Image: hungergames.wikia If you're like us and LOVE the movies, have read the books over a bajillion times, and want to take your tribute status to the next level, then why not do it with a Hunger Games inspired nickname on your Year 12 jersey! These [...]

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Nickname inspiration – 29 magical ideas for the true Harry Potter fan

image: Still waiting for your Hogwarts acceptance letter? Trust us, so are we. And while we’re not expecting an owl to drop by anytime soon, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of magic in our lives - so why not start with your school jersey. [...]

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2 Broke Girls Jersey Nickname Ideas

Flat broke? Super sarcastic? Harbouring a horse in your yard? Big dreams of starting your own cupcake business? Need money for real stuff – like gummie bears? Hahaha I love Max quotes – everything she says is brilliant, I feel like she really gets me #Sarcasm #That’s how it’s done. [...]

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Chinese Symbols Now Available in Nicknames

Calling all Year 12’s!   Have you ever wanted your nickname to stand out above the rest, at Exodus Wear we know your nickname tends to be the most important part on the jacket that you all get to choose individually.   Our nicknames are already unique with the fact [...]

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