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How to avoid choosing a jersey nickname you’ll regret

Years after you finish school, you'll probably have thrown out, donated or sold most pieces of your school uniform. In all likelihood, the only remnant of your school day style will be your Year 12 jersey (or jumper, or jacket!), featuring the super-cool jersey nickname you chose. Your Year 12 [...]

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Year 12 Jacket Disney Nickname Ideas

  Year 12 Jacket Disney Nickname Ideas   Did someone say Disney? Have a favourite Disney film, fangirling over your favourite character or (heaven forbid :P) writing some fan fiction because it’s just so friggin’ awesome you can’t get the characters/song/scene/everything about it out of your head? Say no more! [...]

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Chinese Symbols Now Available in Nicknames

Calling all Year 12’s!   Have you ever wanted your nickname to stand out above the rest, at Exodus Wear we know your nickname tends to be the most important part on the jacket that you all get to choose individually.   Our nicknames are already unique with the fact [...]

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Bringing student designs to life – John Therry & Macarthur Adventist Schools

Our team love to design custom made garments for our clients but what excites us the most is when the students or our client comes up with a design and then we have to work out how to bring that design to life. In particular we love working with artwork [...]

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Matching Year 12 Jerseys & Varsity Jackets

For Class of 2014 we found that our matching varsity jackets and varsity cardigans were a very popular combo order that many schools placed. For Class of 2015 we have started to see a new trend emerge of matching Spliced Jerseys and our Active Jackets. Below is an example of [...]

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Year 12 Jersey Voting Card Templates available for download

At Exodus Wear we work with Year Coordinators on a daily basis and we know the additional workload involved when students get into Year 11 and 12. Not only are there the Year 12 Jerseys to organise but there is also the formal, graduation, muck up day and the list [...]

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