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Pitch Perfect Jersey Nickname Ideas

Where all my aca-pitches at?! Pitch Perfect fans rejoice/let the beat drop/or something similar – Pitch Perfect 3 is actually happening! The movie is definitely going ahead and the release date is currently December 2017! To celebrate may I present my Pitch Perfect jersey nickname ideas. Ahh-capella ‘organised nerd singing’ [...]

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Twilight Year 12 Jersey Nickname Ideas

For all my fellow Twihards – I present to you Twilight jersey nickname ideas! #nevergotoverit #bingewatchthemovies #booksarebetter The story of how my love of Twilight began: I remember it so well – I had noticed the Twilight promotional posters and I liked the photo of Edward and Bella (still my [...]

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Sleeping Beauty Jersey Nickname Ideas

Accidentally pricked your finger on an enchanted spinning wheel recently? Well if you have - you would be in an enchanted sleep right now … and not reading this… hmm didn’t think that through. Okay never mind take 2 – come one, come all and check out our Sleeping Beauty [...]

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Disney’s Brave Year 12 Jersey Nickname Ideas

‘I don’t want to get married. I want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen firing arrows into the sunset.’ – If you read that in King Fergus’s high pitched, imitation of Merida, voice then you must be a fan [...]

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2 Broke Girls Jersey Nickname Ideas

Flat broke? Super sarcastic? Harbouring a horse in your yard? Big dreams of starting your own cupcake business? Need money for real stuff – like gummie bears? Hahaha I love Max quotes – everything she says is brilliant, I feel like she really gets me #Sarcasm #That’s how it’s done. [...]

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