Ok so there was Tangled, then there was a short called Tangled Ever After where you see that Rapunzel and Eugene getting married. But before all that a whole lot of other stuff happened – so they made a series out of it! Yay! So for those like me following the new story checkout these Tangled: Before Ever After jersey nickname ideas.

Now the series just started recently, and there’s only been a few episodes – but basically we get a look into how Rapunzel adjusts to palace life, how Eugene fits in, how they actually get to the whole wedding thing and what happened to the magic from the original enchanted flower!. Also her blonde hair grows back. I can’t tell you much more than that – mostly because I don’t yet know much more than that from the first few episodes – but I bet the rest will be awesome! #Disney Optimism

nickname ideas


  • Tangled
  • Rapunzel
  • Blondie – Eugene’s nickname for Rapunzel
  • Raps – Cassandra’s nickname for Rapunzel
  • #Princess
  • #Royal
  • #Fire
  • #Bravest
  • Frying Pan – this comes up a lot, frying pans who knew?
  • #King
  • #Queen
  • Flynn Ryder
  • Eugene Fitzherbert
  • #Guard
  • #Professor
  • Maximus – the horse
  • Pascal – the little green chameleon
  • Cassandra – new character, Rapunzel’s lady in waiting, also a badass warrior
  • #Warrior
  • #Fight
  • Stan & Pete – the guards, they don’t really do that much, nor are they that important but I feel like the put up with a lot of Eugene’s nonsense so they deserve a mention
  • Kingdom of Corona – Rapunzel’s kingdom
  • SnugglyDuckling – The Snuggly Duckling is the first bar Rapunzel ever went into
  • #Duckling

Remember when designing your nickname our jerseys allow up to 15 characters ONLY with symbols included. Handy hint: write out your nickname ideas, with symbols included, and count the characters to check if it will fit on your jacket prior to sending it in.

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