The Sword in the Stone another old Disney Classic! Wonder if there will be a remake of this too? Soooo many remakes lately! This movie is the funniest thing ever, Disney’s got sass even back then! For all fans of this movie and magic check out the Sword in the Stone nickname ideas!

Arthur nickname ideas:

  • Arthur
  • King Arthur
  • King ‘Your name’
  • Queen ‘Your name’
  • #King
  • #Royal
  • Excalibur
  • Knight
  • #Brave&Bold
  • #Fish – one of the many animals Merlin decided to turn Arthur into to teach him valuable life lessons such as brain over brawn
  • #Squirrel – no idea what this lesson was but I felt so sorry for that girl squirrel, so cute, loved squirrel Arthur so much!
  • #Bird – ‘Knowledge and wisdom is the real power.’
  • #Grasshopper – Merlin’s nickname for Arthur, one of Arthur’s many nicknames
  • Wart
  • Squire

Merlin nickname ideas:

  • Merlin
  • Wizard
  • Soothsayer – can see the future
  • Prognosticator – same as above
  • #1 Wizard
  • #Magic
  • #Bewitched
  • Pockety-Wockety
  • Wockety-Wack – spell for packing one’s belongings
  • Prestagidatorium – Merlin: ‘How else would you get everything into 1 suitcase?’
  • Impudent Crockery! – ‘Impudent piece of crockery!’ – Merlin telling off his rude sugar bowl
  • #Knowledge
  • #Wisdom
  • #Higher Learning
  • Alakazap! – how to switch off a snow storm spell
  • Show ‘em! – ‘We’ll show ‘em won’t we boy!?’ – Merlin’s … speech to Arthur
  • Madam Mim – Merlin’s nemesis
  • #Magnificent
  • #Marvelous
  • Mad-Madam

Archimedes nickname ideas – probs the most underrated character of all time! He’s hilarious and those mood swings! My personality spirit animal :) Just look at that attitude! Hahaha

nickname ideas


  • Archimedes
  • Use Your Head!
  • #Owl Life
  • What-what? – his favourite saying
  • Who-who? – second favourite saying
  • Educated Owl
  • Highly Educated
  • If you please!
  • What in blazes?!

Medieval cussing – these Disney characters need to have their mouths washed out with soap! Goodness!

  • Hang it all!
  • Pin feathers!
  • Golly fluff!
  • Dash it all!
  • Gad-zooks!
  • Jumping hop-toads!
  • Old goat
  • Old geezer
  • Old devil
  • Pip squeak
  • Futuristic fiddle faddle – Archimedes’ opinion on airplanes
  • Feather brain

Remember your nicknames can be a maximum of 15 characters including symbols! To order your magical wizard robes – oh umm year 12 jersey contact Exodus Wear today!