Being a full time student and a full time human is a pretty challenging thing to balance. Living in a digital age can be beneficial by improving our academic performance and productivity when used in the right way. This can be through online apps and tools we can download that are designed to help with our organisation, time-management and aid our learning.

So here are the top 10 productivity apps and google extensions you can download on your phone and laptop respectively, to help fight procrastination and enhance productivity!


  • 1. Wunderlist

    This app is your best friend when it comes to to-do lists! Featuring everything from setting reminders and due dates for school, work and recreational related things. You won’t ever miss a deadline again with this app!

  • 2. Mindmeister

    If you find it most difficult to start on your assignment, then you’re just like everyone else. It’s getting started that’s often the hardest part of an assignment, but once you get your flow going, you can accomplish a lot. MindMeister provides a platform where students can create and edit their own mindmaps with images, links and personalised notes.


  • 3. RefME

    If you’re a university student, it’s more than likely you’ve experienced the bane of referencing where you leave it to the very last minute to cram before your essay is due for submission. Trust me, we’ve all been there. RefME is an online automated referencer that cite your academic references within seconds. Say bye bye to last minute cramming and hello to automation revelation.


  • 4. StudyBlue

    StudyBlue allows its students to create their own personalised study tools, from unique flashcards to customised quizzes. The app itself can track academic performance of the student with a self-assessment score, also allowing them to collaborate as study partners with others.


  • 5. StayFocused

    Entertaining ourselves via social media websites are the most common form of procrastination we can engage in. Such websites include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Youtube and Pinterest, which undoubtedly counteract any chance to be productive with our studies. StayFocused is the app that challenges your self-control and keeps you in check by restricting the amount of time you spend on such websites. Upon reaching that time limit, the websites will be automatically blocked for the rest of the day. That means no more checking your phone for notifications when you hear it vibrate or beep, and a lot more studious learning.

  • 6. Forest

    Forest is an app that rewards you by digitally planting a seed each time you are free from time-consuming distractions, and are focused on studying. However if you cave in and exit the app while the timer is still going, your tree will wither away from disappointment. This app will guide self-motivation and enhance your productivity.

  • 7. MyHomework

    MyHomework is a managing tool that assists students in developing their personal organisation skills through customised assignment tracking, class tracking and test/due date reminders.  


Chrome Extensions:

  • 8. One Tab

    Are you a tab hoarder? Do you open 100 tabs trying to multi-task with your research? One Tab will save your life by helping you declutter all your tabs for the moment, which you can access again and restore at any time. Clearing out your tabs on Google Chromes also helps you to save up to 95% of your memory, so start decluttering!


  • 9. Momentum

    Momentum is a google chrome extension you can add that will replace each new tab page with a fully customisable and personalised dashboard that features the time, your focuses for the day, bookmarked links, a to-do list, weather and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and driven for the day ahead.


  • 10. Pocket

    Pocket is your own go-to extension to save online articles, web pages and videos to read or view at a later time. Think of it as your own bookmarking library!


So which of these are you thinking about using? Hopefully you’ve found inspiration in these apps and extensions, because they are guaranteed to help increase your productivity levels, improve your organisational and time-management skills and enhance your academic performance. Remember that it’s up to you to dedicate your time and effort into your studies, and these apps will assist you through that! Good luck and stay productive!