In terms of social media, 2016 definitely had a lot of interesting features on existing platforms. And these ones took off almost immediately. Facebook, snapchat, instagram etc etc – they all had a lot going on. Some liked their new additions while others, not so much. Some were more popular than the others. There were a whole load of these features such as video call and filters but a few made a massive impact on social media users. Here is a list of the top 3 social media trends that made it big this year.

3. Going live on facebook

Whether you are at a really cool party or you met someone you knew unexpectedly, they could be moments that you want to share then and there. This is why facebook’s latest feature of going live as you wish has been a massive hit with teenagers and young adults. People are now more interested in what’s happening at the moment than what happened last night. For those who love sharing their memories and experiences on social media, this is the perfect feature. We all like live stuff now don’t we?

2. Becoming mobile

Facebook, instagram and twitter along with other social media platforms were already somewhat mobile as we rung in 2016. But this year we saw increased mobility of social media usage, including new features in Facebook’s messenger app. The messenger app now also displays messages that we receive as SMS in a messenger convo itself. An increased variety of emojis etc means that no one wants to call each other but just message. And increased mobility means its now easier for people to spend more time on social media where ever they are. Every moment is completely different to the other so we do need to stay in touch now don’t we?

1. snapchat stories

All you snapchat users out there, don’t you just love looking through your friends’ stories? Snapchat stories have revolutionised the way in which we share our lives with the rest of the world. You get to share what you want to and people can look at it if they want to. You can also share a mix of videos, pictures, pictures with filters etc etc. Its not boring like other stories. The variety allows you to tell your story the way you want to, which is why snapchat has made its mark with the 21st century generation.

Social media is everywhere. In schools, on billboards, in public transport, hospitals etc. It is everywhere… and each year they bring in more attractive features that attracts us more than we already our. Lets see what 2017 has to offer in addition to the already amazing features that we’ve seen this year now shall we? Peace out!