Your school uniform may make you looks bland or not-so-fabulous. BUT, don’t forget you can still look good and trendy with the right pair of shoes! We have listed out the top 5 hottest sneakers to wear to school for girls below. So, let’s go!

1.    Converse Chuck Taylor

converse chuck taylor

Well, it is classic. But do you know that Michelle Obama have multiple pairs of Chucks? The reason? No doubt, because it looks good on everyone, goes well with anything and can be worn year-round! It will cost you $100.

2.    TOMS Shoes

Toms shoes

Looking for some cool shoes? Consider TOMS! This pair of shoes will cost you $79 but is totally worth it! Why, you ask? Cause you are buying a new pair of shoes while donating another pair to someone in need, that’s how TOMS works – one for one!

3.    Skechers On-The-Go – Seacoast

skechers on the go seacoast

Want to wear something stylish but comfy at the same time? Skechers is the best options. Their shoes are so iconic and most of their insoles used memory foam to achieve the ultimate comfy and style! It costs you $119.95.

4.    Adidas Superstar

adidas superstar

This sneaker pairs well with anything, from dresses to jeans. It gives you a slight sporty looks and yet girlish. And this is a new release from Adidas it cost $130.

5.    Vans Slip-On

vans slip on

It’s classic yet trendy and easy to wear. It cost $80 and is consider affordable despite is a new arrival. I’m sure lots of people will admire your shoes if you wear it to school!


Hope the list above helps you to decide what new school shoes to invest on. Did we missed any of your fav sneaker brands? Do let us know by commenting it below so that we can share it with others~