Have you just finished the HSC, and need a new sturdy bag that will last the whole of your university years? Luckily, there’s a wide selection of bags, under a broad price range to guarantee that you get the perfect bag that suits you. Whether it’s a classic backpack, a broad duffel or a sleek satchel, you’ll find the top 10 backpacks for men on the list below.

These 10 selections are not in any particular order, and are just a versatile selection to demonstrate what’s out there to purchase.

Herschel Supply Co. Settlement 23 L

Top 8 Bags for Men


Chances are you won’t be the only guy on campus with this university classic, or something similar. These iconic looking Herschel Supply Co. backpacks are functional, durable and pleasing to the eye, not to mention at a reasonable student-friendly price. It’s these factors that make the company one of most popular amongst university students. It’s comes in a countless array of colours and patterns, so is perfect for everyone’s taste.

Herschel Supply Co. Little America 23.5 L

Top 8 Bags for Men


If you love the Herschel aesthetic but prefer a taller bag with a more alternative look then gaze no further than the Little America bag series. With buckled straps instead of zippers, you’ll give your bag an even longer life, away form the threat of faulty zippers, whilst giving yourself an aesthetic flair.

Nike Swoosh Drawstring Backpack

Top 8 Bags for Men


If you can’t afford a pricey backpack, or you just want something simple and practical why not go for the classic drawstring backpack. Available in a range of colours, this thing but durable satchel will hold all your university notes and books, whilst making sure it’s secure on your bag.

ASOS Duffle Bag

Top 8 Bags for Men


If backpacks aren’t really your thing, why not try a duffle bag. And if you’re looking for a reasonably-priced bag big enough to old all your university books, materials and more, then the ASOS Duffle Bag in Black and Tobacco will be your handy companion. It’s simple but classic, and easy to carry.

ASOS Holdall

Top 8 Bags for Men


If you’re a sucker for a beautifully designed aesthetic bag then the ASOS holdall will please your eyes. With the same durability as a classic duffle bag, this holdall makes sure this bag is not only practical but is an asset to your killer look.

Fred Perry Classic Messenger Bag

Top 8 Bags for Men


If you need something sleek and skinny that will neatly hold your textbooks as you walk campus, then why not try this iconic messenger bag look. Though simple, this classic Fred Perry design will be guaranteed to turn heads, whilst remaining durable and practical. It’s perfect for those you love the simplicity of a duffel or holdall but appreciate the ease of wrapping it around your shoulder.

Crumpler Rampaging Mob

Top 8 Bags for Men


If you’re are willing to fork out the money, then Crumpler is the perfect bag company for you. All it’s products are extremely durable, practical and have a sleek design, and all come with a life-time warranty. That means if a zipper gets jammed, no worries, just pop into the store and get it fixed for free. A strap breaks, no dramas, they’ll fix it. The Rampaging Mob is a sleek black practical backpack, that securely holds your laptop and having enough space for books and more. It’s the back of my choosing, and it has a soft secure back support.

Crumpler Humble Stash

Top 8 Bags for Men


If you love the Crumpler design and durability, then why not try a more simple bag. The Humble Stash is a classic and small backpack that comes in an array of different colours with two separate compartments. It’s perfect for someone who is just looking for a backpack that’s a backpack.

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