Do you have a passion for robotics? Do you see yourself has a dedicated engineer in the future, flourishing in mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science? Do you want to create and design awesome new technologies that will help solve the worlds problems? Well, if that’s the case the field of robotics sounds like the perfect career for you.

However, like any field, it’s always best to gain as much experience in the area as much as possible. Not only for your skill and experience but as well as gaining crucial contacts that might be useful in your career to come. Or maybe, you just want a bit of fun and social bonding? Robotics competitions are a great base for sharpening your robotics skills and learning to present your robotics to an audience! Listed below are the top Robotic competitions of Australia and it’s universities for keen robotics students…

Top Robotics Competitions for University Students

National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition

NI ARC is a student robotics competition constructed to help encourage innovation and design in robotics. The competition involves competing students from Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading universities, who are required, in teams, to construct a robot within 7 months that will then compete in a live arena. Each year, a certain theme is selected to shape the competitor’s innovation. This year the competition has chosen “Smart Transportation”, asking students to design an intelligent vehicle that can follow road rules and regulation.

UAV Challenge, Outback Rescue

Hosted in the outback of Queensland, and organised by the CSIRO and Queensland University of Technology, these robotics competitions features a handful of diversified competitions designed for different modes of robotics. The Airborne Delivery Challenge asks students to design a robot that can delivery a package to an outback location. The Medical Express competition focuses around locating and picking up a package from the outback but the robot must be autonomous, as autonomy is the future of robotics.

Autonomous Ground Vehicle Competition

The AGVC initiative seeks to source proposals of innovation and technology for the next generation of ground robots by Australia’s leading universities with exposure to a complex arena. Students are to design an autonomous ground vehicle that can respond to many real world problems and applications. It is part of a university teaching program that teaches theoretical based knowledge skills to meet future robotics requirements for Defence applications.

Top Robotics Competitions for University Students

These are the three major Australian robotics competitions, however, depending on your university they might host a few of their own robotics competitions for students. The best thing for you to do is join your university’s robotics society.

If you know anymore robotics competitions not listed here, then why not pop over to our friendly forum and let the community know!