In all the different states and territories of Australia there are different trends when it comes to Year 12 garments. In South Australia and Victoria the most popular garment type is a Year 12 Jumper. Due to the cooler weather the students prefer to purchase a garment that has fleece in it. Our baseball jackets are actually becoming popular also because they are made from a polycotton blend with fleece lining which is what jumpers are made of. So our baseball jackets have all the warmth of a jumper but you get the practical features of a zip and a buttons.


In New South Wales there has been a long tradition of cotton rugby jerseys and most schools just got in the habit of ordering them and not even considering alternative options. In the last couple of years, in particular since we started offering custom garments there has been a few different trends emerge. About 3 years ago polyestor hoodies were really popular but then schools started to ban having hoods as part of school uniforms. After thatpolyestor jackets became really popular up until we started offering our baseball jackets. Once we brought baseball jackets into our range they have become our most popular product to the point that basically all schools in NSW who order from us buy baseball jackets.


In Queensland 100% polyestor garments are more popular because they are lightweight. From our experience jackets are more popular than hoodies. In the rest of the states and territories there has not been a clear trend towards one particular garment.


It will be interesting to see what style Year 12 students will choose over the next couple of years. We are always trying to offer new garment options so we are constantly developing new products and who knows…one of them may be the next big thing! If you have a completely new garment design that you would like for your Year 12 garment please feel free to contact us at because we can custom manufacture any garment design.