Now that everyone is well past the start of their university semester, students around Australia should’ve already settled into uni life. What exactly is uni life here? Basically it consists of hanging around campus, late night classes, amazing happy hour deals and making friends in uni society. But would a university student identify with the same kind of uni lifestyle? How about Canadian students? What about our collegues in Russia? One thing is for sure: everyone around the world would see uni life differently. Hence this post is the first of a 2 part series to show you what uni life around the world consists of.


Uni life around the world
One thing is for sure. Regardless of what time their day starts at, English uni students are punctual when it comes to breakfast. Whether eggs and bacon or just tea and biscuits, having a good breakfast is the only way to start the day. A lot of the students live on or near campus so commuting is usually a short but crowded bus ride away.Extra curriculars aren’t that big of a deal for students. Unis still struggle in providing their students with useful career skills In terms of subject choices, if you haven’t made up your mind if you want to do Biology or math, you are in trouble. Subjects focus on depth and not variety. Therefore you have to decide in first year to choose your major in third year.


One word to describe Canadian uni life: Cheeeeaaaap. While going to uni can be a frozen fiasco (literally during peak winter mornings), Canadian uni life in general is pretty laid back. While studies are of course a top priority, having an active student life on campus is essential. What’s more, getting a career headstart outside the classroom is a priority from the time you step into uni. From numerous field trips to talks from the best in the business, university in Canada is all about making every moment count towards blossoming your future career.


American uni life is a completely different world in comparison to Aussie uni life. Sports plays a giant role in every students life in some way or the other. However, unlike portrayed in movies, academic standards are very high and demanding of students. It is in addition to their studies that students make good use of clubs and extra curriculars to socialise with their peers. Cities such as Boston and New York are in fact Very very far from each other. This means student resident halls and dorms are not just populated with international students but with a lot of the domestic students aswell. Spring break is generally spent with groups of friends going on road tours around the country! Would be nice to do that here wouldn’t it? Also, professors are more like high school teachers, who are behind you to accomplish your best grades.

University is considerably different in these countries for Australia. If you do want to know more about the similarities and differences, try asking students who have gone on exchange. Or better, ask those who are here on exchange. It is definitely a very interesting perspective through the eyes of a student who has actually experienced the difference themselves. If there are other differences in uni life between other countries and Australia, why don’t you share it with us? And until next time, Peace out!