Nothing epitomises Uni Life quite like your Uni Hoodie. It’s the hoodie you wear every day but only wash bi-weekly; it is the constant companion on those study all-nighters, the stains are the evidence of all the cheap takeout meals you have eaten during semester and let’s not forget how cosy the hood makes those mid-class naps!

Because your Uni hoodie is going to get A LOT of wear during your University Life it is really important that your hoodie is top quality but also really special and unique to you. At Exodus Wear all of our garments are made using our exclusive fabric that has anti-pilling and colour fastness treatments applied so you can wear it daily without being worried that the colour will fade or that it will start to pill.

All of our garments are also individually personalised so if you have a nickname on campus why not put that on your hoodie. It makes your hoodie a great memento but also an awesome talking point to meet new people on campus. Keep in mind if you put the nickname Van Wilder on the back it may come with certain expectations!

University of Melbourne Buisness School Hoodie Right Sleeve

University of Melbourne Buisness School Hoodie Front

University of Melbourne Buisness School Hoodie Back


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